Zakelijke etiquette

The proper business etiquette

The correct etiquette plays a vital role in business. It is not only important for “winning” a client, but also for retaining them. In the business world good manners, proper behaviour, respect and attention towards the customer should go without saying. In turn, the positive feedback from your clients reinforces your self-confidence.

When correct etiquette becomes instinctive, you are able to give the business in hand your full attention. Thoughts about the impression you are giving and how you should behave towards customers or clients will no longer distract you from ‘winning’ a client and ensuring further business.

“Business etiquette” is a comprehensive workshop tailored to your specific wishes and requirements. Possible topics to choose from are:

  • Business etiquette and social behaviour
  • History of etiquette
  • Protocol
  • Why are etiquette and good manners important?
  • Network etiquette
  • Social Media
  • Exhibition Etiquette
  • Hospitality
  • Business dress code
  • Ladies business dress code
  • First impression and performance
  • Presentation
  • Communication
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Netiquette
  • Table manners
  • International do‘s and don’t’s