Expat Preparation & Guidance

Ending up in a cultural pitfall is one thing expats all over the world fear above all.  Cultural differences between countries can be big, or just very tiny, not meaning that the pitfall becomes smaller too.  Is it often not even the opposite that is true ? Are cultural differences not precisely in the details ? Ignorance can only make the situation more complicated.

In our expat preparation we will take a closer look at the cultural differences between The Netherlands and your country of destination. This on theory and practice based training that is taking into account your own experiences by testing them against our specific training input, has an excellent chance of success not at least because our trainers have lived and worked abroad themselves.

Take the hierarchy for example. Just because in The Netherlands we are used to a very informal contact with our management, we may be surprised to discover that in other countries it’s not exactly the same, with all that this implies. To understand our foreign partners, it is crucial to leave, if only occasionally, our ‘own cultural glasses’ at home.

And what about the rest of the family ?

We also have adapted training and guidance for the other members of your family who in turn, will have to deal with other issues. We mainly think of the construction of their social life in the country of destination, but also of the kids who, even if we expect the opposite, do not always succeed in automatically empathizing with a new culture on the spot. Paying attention to these potential issues in advance, considerably increases the chances of success of your own foreign mission.