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Etiquette a la carte

Training and consultancy

Since 2008 Etiquette à la carte is a much sought-after training and consultancy agency, specialized in business etiquette and hospitality. After extensive research and from her own experience in the industry, the founder, Yvonne van der Kroft, concluded, that a great need for knowledge and skills on (business) etiquette and behaviour was required.

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Modus operandi Etiquette à la carte

For additional information, please feel free to contact us for a personal meeting without further obligation. You may also contact us by telephone or email. On request, we can also provide you with our brochure containing the various options and rates. Based on your requirements all courses will be completely tailored.

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The team

The trainers of Etiquette à la Carte are experts with extensive (practical) experience and knowledge of proper behaviour and etiquette. The courses and lectures are taught in an interactive and contemporary manner.
Yvonne van der Kroft and Ria Doolaard are also the authors of the books Diversiquette and Etiquette@Work. These books are available in Dutch and English. For more information: Etiquette Experience
Yvonne van der Kroft

Key to success

After many years of teaching and counselling at vocational and professional education institutes on etiquette, protocol, hospitality, tourism and aviation, Yvonne founded Etiquette à la carte in October 2008.
With great enthusiasm, professionalism and expertise Yvonne is at the helm of this ‘Key to Success’, which at present employs several etiquette experts.

Ria Doolaard

Stylish in the workplace

Good manners are associated with professionalism.
Attention and respect provide confidence in dealing with other people. It makes us feel at ease.
Similar to Yvonne, Ria has her roots in vocational training and national and international tourism consultancy. Her expertise encompasses communication, intercultural relations and hospitality.

Frank Harte

Hospitality and guest orientation

With his years of experience as a thoroughbred host, Frank knows that, in particular in the hospitality industry, it is all about the total experience of the guests. Through excellent hospitality and guest orientation, a host/hostess can make the difference with other hospitality businesses.
Because of his expertise in the field of hospitality and communication, his hospitality etiquette training will boost guest experience in your company to the highest level.

Micky Keeren

Etiquette and diversity, an undisputed link

Micky has been living in Paris for several years with her Dutch passport and French cat. She discovered there, that ‘strength depends on differences and not on similarities’. Her training and consultancy in Intercultural Communication & Management at various Graduate Schools and the Sorbonne University have provided Micky with insight into cultural behavioural patterns and that undisputed connection between etiquette and diversity, which she regularly writes about.

Kitty van den Berg
Kitty van den Berg-Verheul

Creative and versatile

Creative and versatile. Those are words that typically fit Kitty. She is able to turn table settings into real fairy tales, the bride hairstyles she creates, combined with the appropriate makeup, are stunning and will “make your day”. In the field of make-up and clothes, Kitty is the right person to provide personal advice. If you take Kitty as your personal shopping assistant, you will save time and effort and avoid bad buys